For control of ectoparasites on cattle, horses, sheep, dogs and goats and fly maggots when used in feedlots and on manure heaps.

Effective Against

Ticks, mange, lice on cattle
Lice and keds on sheep and goat
Fly maggot infection on sheep
Ticks on horses
Ticks on dogs

For Use On

Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Dogs, Goats, Fly maggots

Active Ingredients

Chlorfenvinphos 30% m/v

Pack Size

100ml, 500ml, 5Litre

Directions for Use


Dip Tank

  • Initial fill 1:600
  • Replenish 1:320
  • Head count system: 1 L for every 400 head dipped

Spray Races or Knapsack

  • Fill 1:600
  • Boost: 185 mL after every 100 head dipped
  • 16L Knapsack
  • Add 27ml of Supadip to 16L of water

Sheep & Goats

  • Lice:    Fill 1:1200
  • Replenish 1:600
  • Ticks: Fill 1:600
  • Replenish 1:320

Dog Dipping

  • Fill 1:600
  • Replenish 1:320

Withdrawal Period

Meat and milk – 24 hours



Use protective clothing and rubber gloves.

Avoid skin contact and wash off any contamination with plenty of water.

Avoid inhalation of spray wash.

Toxic to fish – avoid contamination of waterways.

Do not dip hot, tired or thirsty animals.

Do not dip calves, lambs, kids or foals under 1 month of age or puppies under 3 months of age.

Not to be applied on cats