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About Coopers

Coopers started in 1843 in England when William Cooper, a vet, developed a sheep lice control product. He commercialised the product, developed other disease preventative and curative products and, as the business grew, his nephews joined the company.

Over 150 years later, Coopers is still trusted by farmers around the world as leading the way in providing products that assist in raising healthy livestock.

Coopers products were introduced to Zimbabwe in 1913. Today Cooper Zimbabwe manufactures and distributes the Coopers animal health products under license from MSD. We still talk to farmers, listen to their needs and develop products that work in Zimbabwean conditions on Zimbabwean livestock.

About Shumba Group

Since 1992, the Shumba Group has been assisting both small scale and large scale commercial farmers to increase yields and productivity, in order to feed the increasing populations in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.

We work closely with farmers, listening to them, and advising them, to ensure that all our products meet farmers’ needs and are that their use is safe and promotes sustainable farming methods.

Our trusted range of grain and cereal protectants, environmental health solutions, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, were originally branded Ecomark and Ecofarm. Today they all fall under the Shumba Group brand, making them easily recognisable as ‘Trusted Shumba Quality’.