Sulphadimidine is an effective antibiotic against a wide range of bacteria, especially those causing diarrhea in poultry. It is effective against a wide range of coccidia species.  It can be used for poultry, rabbits, lambs, kids and calves. Note that it is necessary to make up a fresh solution every day.

Effective Against

  • Wide range of bacteria in poultry and livestock
  • Elmerna sp, Isospora sp

For Use On

Poultry, Rabbits, Lambs, Kids, Calves.

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Application type: Bait

Application rate: Poultry and rabbits

13 ml per 1Litre of drinking water for 3 days.

Give no other water or green food for this period (greens are preferred to water).

Withholding water briefly will encourage intake of treated water.

Allow fresh water for two days, after 3 days of treatment.

Then repeat the treatment for three more days.

As a guide 50 broilers that are 4 weeks old should drink 10 to 15 litres of water per day

Lambs, kids and calves

Under 10 weeks old (older ones will experience gut disturbances due to microflora depletion)

First dose 14 ml per 10 kg body mass for two days, mixed with a little water by mouth, then 7 ml per 10kg for 2 more days

Do not withhold water

Withdrawal Period

Eggs: may not be used for human consumption for 3 days after the last treatment. A temporary drop in egg production may occur.

Meat: meat should not be used for human consumption within 1 day of dipping.

Milk: 24 hours


Do not dose animals already starting to eat grass (applies to cattle, sheep and goats).