For the control of stored grain and cereal insect pests like Larger Grain Borer (LGB), Weevils, Moths, Dried Bean Beetle and other insects. Can also be used in the control of household insects – ants, cockroaches and bed bugs

Effective Against

  • Lesser & Larger grain borer
  • Moths, weevils and dried bean beetle

For Use On

Household insects – ants, Cockroaches,  Bed bugs

Active Ingredients

Pirimiphos methyl + Thiamethoxam

Pack Size

200g, 500g

Directions for Use

  • Clean out the storage structure/granary first and treat the walls and floors bu spraying with Shumba SuperMax EC50 diluted at a rate of 75ml/10ltr of water.
  • For maximum protection soak the empty grain bags in Shumba SuperMax EC 50 solution, diluted at a rate of 15ml/2ltr of water or 75ml/10ltr of water depending on the quantity of bags being treated.
  • Before treating the grain, put aside enough grain to be consumed in the next 30days.
  • Grain must be treated at the time of storage. It must be shelted and must be free from prior insect infestation.
  • After applying Shumba Plus to the grain, it is important to mix the grain thoroughly preferably using a shovel on a cemented or plastic protected surface.
  • Grain treated according to the recommended rates and directions on this label will be protected for at least twelve (12) months.