Reskol is a residual organophosphate base insecticide for public health and industrial use, and is particularly effective on all crawling insects, mosquitoes and mosquito larvae.

Effective Against

All crawling insects, mosquito and mosquito larvae

For Use On

All crawling insects, Mosquitoes, Mosquito larvae

Pack Size

100 ml, 500 ml, 5Litre

Directions for Use

Reskol must be diluted with water immediately before use. (See dilution table)
1:20            250 ml in 5 litre
1:40            125 ml in 5 litre
1:120           45 ml in 5 litre
1:600           10 ml in 5 litre



1  in  20


Spray bases of walls, cupboards, under tables and chairs, under and around refrigerators, stoves, etc 6 months plus

3-6 months

Bed Bugs  1  in  120 Spray interior walls, mattresses, bedsteads and furniture (also grass roof interiors in thatched huts) 4-6 months


 1  in  120

1  in  40

Spray interior walls. (plus grass roof interiors and external eaves in thatched huts) Residuals vary dependent upon surfaces treated and on type of mosquito present. Usually up to 6 weeks.

Spray up to 4 months

House Ants 1  in  40 Spray bases of walls, skirting and all areas where ants are seen. Repeat as necessary
Fleas 1  in  120 Spray floors, carpets, outside areas etc Up to 6 weeks. One spray usually sufficient.
Mosquito Larvae 1  in  600 Spray 50 – 100 litre per hectare of water where average depth is 8cm. (where deeper, proportionately increase). Also, spray grass around edges of water. Do not use on drinking water. •        weeks


Although basically a very safe insecticide, Reskol is harmful if swallowed and accidental splashes of the concentrate must be washed off immediately.

Avoid skin contact, and as with all insecticide sprays, it is recommended that masks be worn when spraying for long periods.