Pynol Disinfectant is a high quality disinfectant for the medical profession, personal hygiene and general use. For use in medical facilities, mortuaries, households and general hygiene.


  • Harmless in septic tanks (if used as directed)
  • Non poisonous
  • Non irritant
  • Non staining
  • Refreshing, deodorant , pine – scented
Effective Against

Bacteria, certain viruses and fungi

For Use On

Medical facilities, Mortuaries, Households and general hygiene, Hotels and restaurants, Public ablution, Drains and sewers, Walls and floors

Pack Size

5Litre, 20Litre

Directions for Use

For household and general use for toilet disinfection & deodorizing, flushing of drains, sewers, sinks and urinals. 150 ml in 5 l of water
In hospitals, other medical, laboratory and veterinary practices for disinfection of walls, floors, linen and fixtures. Very useful in infection control. 150 ml in 5 l of water
In mortuaries for disinfection of floors, trays, post-mortem tables, other fixtures and instruments. 200 ml in 5 l of water
In disease outbreaks such as CHOLERA for disinfection of public toilets, sewer bursts, overflows and drains.

Spraying + mass disinfecting of premises.

200 ml in 5 l of water



200ml in 5L of water


Floors must be mopped adequately paying attention to wall/floor joints and corners using Pynol diluted as above.

Fixtures, sinks, mortuary trays and post mortem tables must be washed regularly, on a clean as you work, basis with brushes/cloths using Pynol diluted as above.

Drains and sewers must be flushed once every week with Pynol solution except in times of disease outbreaks when they must be flushed daily.

Sewer bursts and overflows can be treated using pressure sprayers on a optional regular basis.


Pynol should be sprayed or applied as a mask in all premises for infection control.

Although Pynol is neither corrosive nor poisonous, protective clothing should be worn where necessary.