Pulse Wax Blocks


Pulse Wax Blocks are highly active anti-coagulant bait for the control of the Norway rat, roof rat, the house mouse and gerbil. For use in the home, on the farm and industrial premises

Effective Against


For Use On

Homes, Farm, Industrial premises

Active Ingredients

Brodifacoum 0.05g/kg (0.005%)

Pack Size

50g, 500, 10kg

Directions for Use


Pulse Wax Blocks can kill rats and mice after a single feed. Death of rodents will take 4 -12 days. Effective against warfarin resistant rats and mice.

Norway and Roof Rats

Place Pulse Wax Blocks in a covered bait station to prevent access by children and domestic animals.

Place 50-70 g of Pulse Wax Blocks per bait station along the walls and active rat runs, in rat burrows and in sheltered areas where rats are known to live or feed.

Baits points should be inspected and replenished every 7 days until feeding ceases.


Place 15-20g Pulse Wax Blocks per bait station every 2 – 4m along the wall or runways, in nests and in sheltered areas where mice are known to live and feed.

The single feeding action of Pulse Wax Blocks is particularly effective against mice with their small appetites and sporadic feeding behaviour.


Place 50-70 g Pulse Wax Blocks in protected bait stations 10m apart into active holes in the colony.


Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.

Avoid contamination of any food, food utensils, feeds and drinking water.

Set bait stations where these will be inaccessible to children and domestic animals

Wash hands and exposed skin after handling

Bury dead rodents and any bait unconsumed at the end of treatment.

DO NOT eat, drink or smoke while handling the pellets

Destroy the empty container by either burning or burying. DO NOT re-use for any other purpose.