Nilzan Drench controls roundworms and liver fluke in cattle, sheep and goats. It is also highly convenient for use in lactating cows (zero milk withdrawal). It is safe for use in young pregnant animals

Effective Against

Liver fluke

For Use On

Cattle, Sheep, Goats.

Active Ingredients

  • Levamisole Hydrochloride BP: 3.0% M/V
  • Oxyclozanide BP:  6.0% M/V
  • Sodium Propyl Hydroxybenzoate BP as preservative: 0.023%

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Shake thoroughly before use

Dosage: Give the recommended dose by mouth at the rate of 1ml:4kg body weight

Cattle  Bodyweight Dose No. of doses per 5L
50kg 12.5ml 400
100kg 25.0ml 200
150kg 37.5ml 133
200kg 50.0ml 100
250kg 62.5ml 80
300kg and over 75.0ml 80
Sheep & Goats Bodyweight Dose No. of doses per 5L
10kg 2.5ml 2000
20kg 5.0ml 1000
30kg 7.5ml 666
40kg 10.0ml 500
50kg 12.5ml 400
60kg 15.0ml 333

Sheep and goats over 60kg: give a further 1ml for each additional weight

Withdrawal Period

Animals may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 7 days from the last treatment. Do not use in sheep or goats producing milk for human consumption.


For animal treatment only

Cattle must not be treated within a period of 14 days before or after treatment with organophosphorus compounds.

The bodyweight of animals should be assessed as accurately as possible before calculating the dosage.

At normal levamisole dose levels animals rarely show any side effects.

The effects of levamisole overdosage are transient and include head shaking, salivation and slight muscle tremors and are more likely to be observed n cattle than in sheep.

At normal oxyclozanide dose levels animals may show slight softening of the faeces with the occasional individual showing increased frequency of defecation and transient in appetence.

The effects of oxyclozanide overdose are duliness, diarrhoea, inappetence and loss of weight.

These effects are occasionally enhanced in animals with severe liver damage and/or dehydration at the time of dosing.

May be given to young, pregnant and lactating animals.

Due regard must be always be given to physical condition, particularly of any animals in advanced pregnancy and/or under stress from adverse weather conditions, poor nutrition, penning, handline etc, in case of doubt consult your veterinary surgeon.

Operate Warning

When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash splashes from eyes and skin immediately, immediately take off any contaminated clothing.

Wash hands and exposed skin before meals.

Levamisole can cause idiosyncratic reactions and serious blood disorders in a very small number of people.

If symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting or abdominal discomfort are experienced when using the product or sore mouth/throat or fever occur shortly afterward, then medical advice should be sought.

Wash hands after use

Dispose of containers safely