Milking Salve is a modern emollient cream recommended for the prevention and treatment of cracked and chapped teats. For use in Dairy Cows and Lactating Cows (beef)

Effective Against

Chapped, and sore teats

For Use On

Dairy Cows, Lactating Cows, Goats, Sheep

Active Ingredients

Hexachlorophene     0.2% m/v

Ointment base         99.8% m/v

Pack Size

500g, 4kg, 17kg

Directions for Use

Hand or machine milking:

Wash the udder if soiled.

Dry using a disposable paper towel.

Apply a small amount of cream, smearing well onto teats.

Commence milking.

Can be used as a hand-cream for lubrication during hand milking.

Use Mastrite as a teat dip on completion of milking to prevent mastitis.

Apply a further quantity of salve after milking, particularly during the winter months.

Withdrawal Period



For external use only

Keep closed between use