Kerol Disinfectant is the ultimate solution in ensuring that your farm equipment and tools are kept clean & free from bacteria. Can also be used in sickrooms.

Effective Against


For Use On

Farm equipment and tools, Walls and floors, Hospital rooms, sterilising instruments, Chicken houses

Active Ingredients

Phenoloids BP 200-300c: 38%

Harmless in septic tanks if used as directed.

Pack Size

500ml, 5Litre

Directions for Use

General Disinfectant                              Dilution

Sheds, stables                                              10 mls/5ltr

Sick rooms                                                    10ml/5 ltr

Spraying sick room                                      10 ml/5ltr

Walls                                                              15ml/15ltr

Infectious diseases                                     20 ml/5 ltr

Sterilising infected materials etc               15ml/5ltr


  1. Kerol Concentrate is harmful if swallowed. Accidental splashing of the concentrate must be washed off immediately. Avoid skin contact, and as with all insecticides sprays, it is recommended that operators spray with the wind as the wash can be very irritating to the eyes. Masks should be worn when spraying for long periods. Wash hands after use, particularly before eating or smoking.
  2. Avoid contamination of food surfaces, food utensils and milk etc. Store away from children and avoid contact with naked flame.