Glossinex is used for the control of tsetse fly by application to odour-baited targets and ground spray.

Effective Against

Tsetse fly

For Use On


Active Ingredients

Deltamethrin: 20.00%
Inert ingredients: 80.00%
Chemical group: Synthetic Pyrethroid

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Tsetse fly targets

For 3-4 months residual spray with a mixing containing 0.1% active ingredients

Dilute 50ml concentrate per 10L water.

Ground Residual Application

For long term residual action on resting site vegetation apply a 0.5% a.i. spray mix, i.e. dilute 25ml concentrate per 10L water.

Apply coarse spray almost to point of runoff. Total application rate will typically be 2.5 g/ha in savannah zones.


Wear suitable protective clothing e.g. synthetic PVC gloves and face shield when handling the concentrate or applying the product.

Do not breathe spray. Avoid spray unless protected.

Wash splashes from eyes and skin immediately with plenty of water.

Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after work.

Remove heavily contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.

Wash skin with plenty of water.