Flaveco is an antibiotic feed additive that promotes growth, improves feed conversions, reduces susceptibility to disease, improved carcass quality, milk production, egg production, yolk colour and improvements in overall animal performance. Flavomycin is a performance enhancer for use in pigs, poultry, cattle, rabbits and fish.

Effective Against


For Use On

Pigs, Poultry, Cattle, Rabbits, Fish

Active Ingredients

Flaveco is supplied in two forms.

  • Flaveco 40 containing 4% Flaveco in 20kg bags, suitable and cost effective for millers and large scale producers.
  • Flaveco 8 containing 0.8% in 20kg, 400g and 20g polypropylene bags. This concentration is more suitable for mixing into smaller quantities of feed.

Pack Size


Directions for Use

It is important that Flaveco is mixed evenly in the feed.

Mix the required amount of Flaveco in the same amount of feed and mix well.

Add this mixture to a similar amount of feed and mix again.

Repeat this process a number of times before mixing into the bulk feed.

Flaveco 40                                                                        g/1000kg feed  Broiler Chicken                    75                            3ppm

Layers                                    125                           5ppm

Pigs creep feed                    125                            5ppm

Growers                                 75                             3ppm

Calf starter                            125                           5ppm

Beef fattener        30mg/head/day

Dairy                      50mg/head/day

e.g. A 20kg bag of Flaveco 40 for Broilers will make 266 tons of feed.

Mixing Example:

To add 20g Flaveco 8 to 50kg meal

  • Add 20g to 20g feed mix.
  • Take the 40g and add to 40g of feed mix
  • Take the 80g and add to 80g of feed mix.
  • Mix the 160g with 160g to give 320g and so on.

Withdrawal Period

Feed mixed with Flaveco should be used within 3 months


Do not feed to ducks, geese or pigeons.