Ecotopp is an effective systemic Suckercide, that inhibits the growth of suckers in tobacco.

Effective Against


For Use On

Barley tobacco, Virginia tobacco

Active Ingredients

Flumetralin:  12.5% (m/v)

Inert : 87.5% (m/V)

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Mix 1L of Ecotopp with 74L clean water.

Apply product soon after topping.

One application under ideal conditions will provide season long protection against suckers.

Split application:

When early sucker control is required, split application can be done by applying product to a crop that has 30cm leaves in length

Treat each plant with 5ml of the 1L of Ecotopp to 74l clean water mixture.

Allow mixture to run down the leaf axils.

The second and last application is done at topping by applying 8-12ml/plant.

Apply only enough to avoid run-off and subsequent residual effect.

Ecotopp can be used in conjunction with a contact Suckercide. When a contact Suckercide is applied soon after topping, a follow up treatment of Ecotopp can be done 7-10 days to prolong the sucker control period.

Withdrawal Period

2 weeks from the day of application


Can be mixed with other chemicals as recommended by TRB

Harmful when swallowed