Ecoterex 30EC is a liquid EC stomach and contact insecticide for the control of maize stalk borer (Busseola fusca) and fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) in maize, sorghum, wheat, barley, and rice.

Effective Against

Fall army worm and maize stalk borer

For Use On

Fall Armyworm, Maize stalk borer, Sorghum, Rice, Wheat, Barley

Active Ingredients

Deltamethrin:  50g/l

Pirimiphos methyl:  250g/l

Formulation:  EC

Pack Size

1 Litre, 1Kg, 2Kg

Directions for Use

Knapsack sprayer

Mix 15ml of ECOTEREX 30EC in a 15lt knapsack sprayer and spray into funnel and onto adjoining leaves.

Apply a minimum of 13 knapsack sprayers over 1ha of crop.

Tractor boom sprayer

Mix 200ml in 200lt water to cover a hectare and apply over crop at any stage before tasseling.

Time of Application

Scout weekly from 2-7 weeks after plant emergence by inspecting at least 100 plants at random per hectare. Apply ECOTEREX 30EC when signs of attack >5% are visible.

Re-application of ECOTEREX 30EC may be necessary after 10-14 days if re-infestation occurs, especially when the egg-laying period is extended.

Application of ECOTEREX 30EC to the funnel must be made before the larvae migrate from the funnel and enter the stalk.

Residual Period

2 weeks from the day of application


When applying Ecoterex 30EC, DO NOT mix with any other fertilizers or trace elements.