DYFLY contains methomyl, a carbamate insecticide for the control of houseflies and blowflies in and around animal housing, refuse tips, manure heaps and food handling plants.

Effective Against

Houseflies and blowflies

For Use On

houseflies, blowflies

Active Ingredients

Methomyl (carbamate) Tricosene

lnert ingredients 10.07%m/m 0.5% m/m 89.5% m/m reach animals and people.

Pack Size

250g, 2kg

Directions for Use

Can be used as a Dry, Moist or Liquid Bait.

Dry Bait

  1. Sprinkle the bait thinly at a rate of 300g per 50 – 100m2 in places where flies normally congregate.
  2. The bait must not contaminate food, foodstuff or feeding utensils, and must be kept out of reach of animals. Repeat this treatment at 1-2 day intervals until the fly population has been reduced.

Moist Bait

  1. Place cotton wool in a suitable container and add sufficient water just to soak it.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of bait over the cotton wool and place the container in a spot, where the flies usually congregate, but keep out of reach of children, pets and livestock.
  3. Keep the cotton wool moist and replace the contents of the container every 1-2 weeks.

Liquid Bait

  1. Dissolve 250-500g of the bait in 5L of water, and spray or sprinkle this solution by watering can on all fly resting or breeding sites. This liquid can also be applied to doorways, walls, and windows. DO NOT apply to freshly white-washed surfaces.
  2. Repeat this treatment at 1-2 days intervals until the fly population has been reduced then treat once or twice a week depending on fly challenge.

Residual Period

Apply in 1 to 2 day intervals until fly population is reduced


The bait must not contaminate food and food stuffs, or feeding utensils

This bait must be kept out of reach of animals