Decatopp is an emulsifiable concentrate and a plant growth regulator. Decatopp is a combination-type tobacco sucker control agent for the control of sucker growth and development on flue cured Virginia and air-cured barley tobacco.


Effective Against

Tobacco suckers

For Use On

Burley Tobacco
Virginia Tobacco

Active Ingredients

Flumetralin 30g/l, Dinitroaniline

N-decanol 600g/l, Fatty Alcohol

Inert ingredients  370G/L

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Decatopp has a combination contact and local systemic activity for the control of suckers.

Use only as directed.

  1. Plants should be topped at the extended bud to early flower stage
  2. Apply Decatopp immediately after topping.
  3. Two applications of Decatopp under ideal conditions will provide season-long control of excessive sucker development in tobacco.

Application Method

Apply by means of a fertilizer or other measuring cup

Dose, dilution rates and volumes of application

The recommended dilution of Decatopp to clean water is 1 to 29L viz, 1L of Decatopp to 29L of clean water.

Provide sufficient agitation during mixing and application to maintain a uniform mixture.

1. Standard Recommendation

The standard recommendation is to apply after topping.

Treat each plant with sufficient Decatopp mixture to contact all leaf axils, but avoiding soil run off (approximately 8ml per plant, 4.0L per hectare).

Pour the diluted mixture over the stalk of the topped plants.

A contact suckercide should be applied if the crop is topped at an early stage (top leaf less than 10-15cm). based on a population of 15 000 plants per hectare and each plant treated with 10ml, 4.0L of Decatopp when diluted as above will treat 1 hectare of tobacco.

2. Control of early suckers

If early sucker control is required, a split application of the 1 to 29 mixture can be carried out.

The first application should be made from a point where the leaves are 30cm in length.

Treat each plant with 5ml of mixture.

Do not apply mixture to the top small leaves of the plants as this may result in some damage.

Apply to a leaf at least 30cm long and allow the mixture to run down all leaf axils below the point of application.

The second application should be at topping, treating each plant with 8-12ml of mixture depending on plant height.

Apply only sufficient volumes to avoid run-off and subsequent soil residues.

  1. Extending the period of sucker control

Where Decatopp is applied after topping, a follow up treatment can be made with Ecotopp EC mixture 7-10days after topping.

This treatment will extend the period of sucker control.

Withdrawal Period



Compatibility: Mix with other chemicals only according to TRB recommendations.

Other Features and Warnings

Decatopp should not be applied to wet plats or to wilted plants as this may result in poor sucker contact and subsequent poor control. Leaning plants should be straightened.

Decatopp requires 2 hours of dry weather after application. Should rain fall in that period, a repeat application will be necessary.

All suckers, 20mm in length or longer, should be removed by hand before applying Decatopp.

Do not allow the mixture or emulsion to stand for extended periods of time. Do not pre-mix in bulk. Mix a fresh batch each time

Do not allow to stand overnight

Do not use more than the recommended rates or volumes as this may result in soil residues.