Decatix is a concentrated formula for use as a dip wash or spray when diluted with water. Decatix is effective for the control of ticks, including organophosphate resistant strains, biting and nuisance flies as well as tsetse flies on cattle.

Effective Against

  • All tick species including organophosphate resistant blue ticks in some instances
  • Tsetse flies, biting and nuisance flies

For Use On

Cattle, Tsetse Flies

Active Ingredients

Deltamethrin 5% w/v

Pack Size

Bottle of 1Litre
Sachets of 10 ml

Directions for Use

Decatix must be diluted with water before use.

Premix the required quantity of concentrate with approx. 10 times its volume of water

Add the mixture to the bulk of water in the dip tank or spray race sump.

The recommended rates of dilution are as follows:

Dip tank

Initial dilution: 1:1333 (1 litre per 1333 litres of water)

Replenishment: 1: 1110 (1 litre per 1110 liters of water)

Head Count System: 1 litre Decatix to every 450 head dipped

Spray race

Initial fill: 1:1000 (1 litre per 1000L of water)

Prepare 400 L of wash plus 2.5L per beast to be sprayed.

Boosting is unnecessary


Dilution:  10 ml per 10 litres of water

Apply liberally

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 3 days


Wear face shield, rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling the concentrated product.

Avoid inhaling spray mist

Wash splashes of concentrate from the skin immediately with plenty of water. If splashed into the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

In the event of accidental ingestion, seek medical attention immediately.

Remove heavily contaminated clothing and wash before re-use.

Wash hands and exposed skin before eating, drinking and smoking, and after work.

Dangerous to fish and bees. Contamination of ponds and waterways should be avoided. Wash out the empty container after use and dispose of safely.