DBM concentrate is the product of choice for fly control in all places where flies breed and infest. These areas include refuse dumps, manure pits, dairies, cowsheds, stables, pigsties, fowl runs, abattoirs, food processing plants etc.

Effective Against

House flies

Stable flies

Blow flies

Active Ingredients


Pack Size


Directions for Use

Make only sufficient baits and/or dilution of sprays for IMMEDIATE USE


Use around window frames, sills, doors, ceilings in dairies, cowsheds, stables, pigsties, kennels, fowl runs, refuse dumps and other similar places where flies tend to settle.

  • Wet bait: mix 30ml DBM to 5 Litres water in which 230g-2.3kg sugar has been dissolved. Apply with a paint brush or as a coarse spray to point of run-off. Add 1 egg to solution as it acts as a sticker.
  • Moist Bait: Mix (10ml) DBM with 500g white sugar and dampen with 60ml water before placing small amounts in containers near fly sites. Make sure these are placed out of children’s reach.


Fruit Flies and Flies in sheds, outbuildings loading docks and refuse areas.

  • Dilute 300ml to 1.2 litres Kerosene or water and use 30ml diluted material per 86 cubic meters (3 000 cubic feet) (86m3) through cold fogging machines.
  • Dilute with odourless Kerosene with a flashpoint of 66.5 C (150°F) when using Thermal fogging machines.
  • Coarse spraying of refuse and other surface at a ratio of 1:160 mix will control fruit flies.
  • Close windows and doors where possible and do not apply directly to animals or edible foods.


Whilst DBM only provides a short residual period against these pests, the addition of 30ml to a prepared 5 Litres of “RESKOL” mix gives a quick kill whilstw. Reskol provides a longer residual.

Bed Bugs

The same mix as for cockroaches with ‘RESKOL” solution provides similar results should this be desired.

Residual Period

30 days


  • DBM Concentrate is harmful if swallowed and accident of splash of the concentrate must be washed off immediately. Avoid skin contact, and as with all insecticides sprays, it is recommended that operators spray with the wind as the wash can be very irritating to the eyes and masks should be worn when spraying for long periods. Wash hands after use, particularly before eating or smoking.
  • Avoid contamination of foods, foodstuffs & kitchen utensils. Store away from children and avoid contact with naked flame.
  • Do not use bait containers for other purposes.
  • In case of an accident, wash off material, remove contaminated clothing and seek medical advice. Atropine is the antidote.
  • Wash out equipment as metal may be corroded. Wash thoroughly then destroy empty containers by burning or burying.