A clear, honey coloured pine scented liquid used as a toilet cleaner.


Effective Against


For Use On

Toilet bowls, Urinal, Bath tubs and basins, Bathroom floors

Active Ingredients

Hydrochloric Acid

Pack Size

100ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

Directions for Use

Urinal Stalls:

For removal of uric acid scale, use neat and thereafter a 1:20 dilution (250ml) in a 5L or in a 1 gallon water, once a week. It is important to remove and clean the dust outlet thoroughly.

Toilet Bowls

For removal of scale from below water level, first plunge with mop to remove water. Then apply neat C.T.C. until all scale removed and flush cistern to restore water level. To maintain, pour 1-5ml into water seal weekly and clean with toilet brush.

Clean remainder of pan and seat (do not forget underside) with a 1:20 dilution weekly in 5L water.

Use a hard bristle brush

Floors, Washbasins, Baths etc. Apply a 1:20 dilution by mop or brush (see above).

Withdrawal Period



Inhalation: Vapours generated.  Wear nose protection

Skin Contact: May be an irritant on dermal contact

Ingestion: Accidental ingestion may result in nausea and possibly vomiting.

Eye Contact: Irritation on direct contact may be experienced. Wear goggles