Buparvex is indicated for the treatment of Zimbabwean theileriosis (January Disease) caused by Theileria bovis and Buffalo derived theileriosis during outbreaks. It may be used in the incubation period of the disease or when clinical signs are apparent.

Effective Against

Theileria schizonts

For Use On

Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle

Active Ingredients

Buparvaquone 50mg/ml

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Dose: A single injection of 1ml Buparvex per 20kg bodyweight is usually sufficient.

Intramuscular injection into the muscles of the neck is recommended observing normal aseptic precautions.

In severe cases a second treatment may be given within 48-72 hours of the initial injection if not clear signs of improvement are shown.

Symptomatic treatment using diuretics, vitamins and broad spectrum antibiotics may be useful in accelerating recovery.

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 42 days

Milk: 24 hours



Do not inject more than 20ml per injection site.

Not to be used in cattle with impaired renal function.

Recovery of animals may remain carriers of theileriosis.

Theileriosis has a severe depressant effect on the immune system – any vaccines should be delayed until animal has recovered