Biodan is an iodine based sterilizer and detergent for use in dairies and food premises.

Effective Against

Bacteria, viruses and fungi

For Use On

Utensils cleaning, Equipment, Surface cleaning, Dairies, Walls and floors

Active Ingredients

Iodophor contains 1,6% w/v iodine

Pack Size

5 Litre, 25 Litre

Directions for Use

Purpose Dosage Comment
Utensils, equipment and surface cleaning. 1:250 (20ml/5ℓ) Use cold or tepid.


Udder washing water. 1:250 (20ml/5ℓ) Use warm water and discard solution if brown color appears.
Clusters between cows. 1:250 (20ml/5ℓ)
Milkstone. Apply full strength for initial removal Daily use of Biodan 62 will prevent scale reforming.
Sterilizing rinse. 1:250 (20ml/5ℓ) For rinsing sterilized equipment, bulk tanks etc. as an additional safeguard.
Hand sterilizing burn or irritant. 1:250 (20ml/5L) Temporary staining will disappear after some time.

Withdrawal Period

Cleaned items can be used after rinsing.


It is most effective at a temperature of 35 – 45`C.

Do not exceed 50`C.

Biodan contains iodine stabilized in a detergent , therefore do not use soap or other ingredients with Biodan washes as this is undesirable and wasteful.