Bimectin Plus is a broad spectrum treatment and control of internal and external parasites in cattle. The Ivermectin component inhibits the central nervous system functioning of parasites. It is effective against roundworms, lungworms, mange and sucking lice. The Clorsulon component is effective against adult liver flukes through inhibition of glycolytic pathways and depression of ATP levels. It is effective against roundworms, liverfluke and some external parasites (blue ticks)

Effective Against

All adult liver fluke
Sucking lice
Round worm

For Use On

Cows, Sheep, Goats

Active Ingredients

Ivermectin 10mg + Clorsulon 100mg per ml

Pack Size

50ml, 500ml, 250ml

Directions for Use

Dose Rate:

1ml per 50kg under skin

50mls treats more than seven x 350kg animals