Bactergent is a stable, fine, free-flowing whitish powder. It is a powerful combined detergent and bactericide for washing and sterilizing equipment, utensils and all working surfaces in food premises as well as dairies. Effective for use in food premises, abattoirs, dairies, butcheries, mortuaries etc.

Effective Against


For Use On

Food premises, Abattoirs, Dairies, Butcheries, Mortuaries

Active Ingredients

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

Pack Size

5kg, 25kg

Directions for Use

Standard dilution:

For the cleaning of all utensils, equipment and surfaces, use at a dilution rate of 1:320 (1 measure (75g) to 25litres) of water

Final rinse:

This is not essential but it is recommended to rinse out utensils and equipment after it is washed with Bactergent.

This can be done with plain water as long as it is known that the water is bacteria-free (such as water supplied by a Public Authority).

Preferably, hose down the utensils with running water

In the case of separators, clarifiers, pasteurizers and milk filling machines, it is generally easier to circulate the water through them after assembly.


Harmful if swallowed.

Keep out of reach of children.