Ant Poison is an effective solution for the elimination of ant infestations

Effective Against


For Use On


Active Ingredients

  • Fenitrothio:  53.33%
  • Chemical group  Oganophosphate

Pack Size


Directions for Use

Shake container thoroughly.

Dilute 100ml of ant poison with 2L of water immediately before use and apply as a coarse spray to the point of run off at the rate of 2L per 40 square meters.

Target areas frequented by ants including all cracks and crevices.


Can be mixed with DBM if required. Otherwise, it is not recommended for mixing with other insecticides.

Residual Period

3-4 months


Handle with care and avoid contact with the pesticide

Wear suitable protective clothing e.g. gloves and overalls.

Do not eat, drink or smoke while applying pesticide.

Dangerous to animals, birds, fish and bees

Keep out of reach of children and food and store under lock and key.

Destroy empty containers by burying – do not use for any other purpose.

Staining, although not common can occur on certain painted surfaces or floor tiles. It is advisable to test on a small area before use.