Amitik wettable powder controls all manner of ticks in various stages of development, including resistant strains. Amitik’s rapid expellant action causes ticks to quickly detach from the body and die, resulting in rapid healing of the tick bite. Effective for use on cattle, sheep and goats.

Effective Against

Ticks, mange mites, lice

For Use On

Cattle, Sheep, Goats


Active Ingredients

Amitraz 50% m/m WP (Wettable Powder)

Lime Stabilizer 6kg

Pack Size

250g Amitik Wettable Powder + 6 kg stabilizer.

Directions for Use

Amitik WP Cattle Dip controls ticks when used at weekly intervals.

Initial Filling Rate:

1 pack (250g) Amitik WP Cattle Dip per 900 litres of water in the tank.

Calculate the number of packs required.

Open all of the Amitik dip packs required and add to approx. 15 L of water (place the lime to one side).

Stir well and add to the dip tank pouring from end to end.

Dip at least 25 head to agitate and mix the wash and return these to the collecting pen for re-dipping. This procedure should be performed at the start of each day’s dipping to agitate the dip wash ensuring that all cattle are dipped in full strength dip wash

At the end of the day’s dipping sprinkle all the packs of stabilizer from the open packs onto the dip wash surface. Do not agitate

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 24 hours

Milk: none


Keep out of reach of children.

Wear protective clothing.


Toxic to fish-do not contaminate waterways.

Concentrate splashed into eyes or onto skin should be washed off with plenty of water and seek medical advice

Remove and wash contaminated clothing.

If swallowed wash out mouth with water and seek medical advice.

Opened packs should be used on the same day.